Dear Fishers,

We are excited to announce the launching of the “Follow Christ Fishers Summit – Continuous Learning Program”.  The first event is a talk by Edmond Lo, entitled, <Typology – A Key to Unlock the Scriptures>.

Typology is a rich and powerful biblical interpretation that sees the past, the present, and the ultimate future of the history of salvation as a connected and meaningful whole.  As St. Augustine put it, the New Testament is hidden in the Old, and the Old Testament is hidden in the New.  In <Typology – A Key to Unlock the Scriptures>, Edmond would introduce how to unravel the mystery of the Bible using typology in the Holy Tradition and how it may change your life and strengthen your faith!

The virtual & interactive sessions will be conducted in Cantonese without subtitles. Each session will consist of two parts:

  1. watch pre-recorded talk,
  2. join a live Q&A session on Zoom.


This talk belongs to the "Follow Christ Fishers Summit – Continuous Learning Program". We extend our invitation to you who have bought the Basic Pass before, to get the Continuous Learning Pass, so that you can join our upcoming talks, as well as the 30+ talks and programs which were released during the Summit. The Continuous Learning Pass will be valid until March 1, 2022.

Dates & Times:

North American Dates

Toronto (E.S.T.)

Vancouver (P.S.T.)

Hong Kong Dates/Times

Session 1

4 Dec 2021 (Sat)



05 Dec 2021 (Sun), 8:00-9:15am

Session 2

11 Dec 2021 (Sat)



12 Dec 2021 (Sun), 8:00-9:15am

Session 3

18 Dec 2021 (Sat)



19 Dec 2021 (Sun), 8:00-9:15am




To Join:

  • After purchasing the Continuous Learning Pass, click here at the event start times to login and then click the banner on the main page to join the sessions.


In Christ,

Follow Christ Fishers Summit Organizing Committee


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