1. What kind of online event is this? Do I need to turn on my webcam to participate?

This event consists of live and pre-recorded talks which you can watch through your web browser on your computer, phone, or tablet. If you get the Continuous Learning Pass, you will be able to participate in live Q&A sessions with our keynote speakers through Zoom webinar, which allows you to ask questions through text chat or through your microphone, but you will not have to turn on your webcam.

2. I am not available for all of August 13 - 16. Can I still participate?

This Summit consists of live sessions and 30+ pre-recorded talks. You can find the schedule of live sessions here. With the Basic Pass, you have access to view and playback all pre-recorded talks throughout the entire weekend. This pass would give you access to the live sessions (without replay afterwards). In order not to miss the keynote sessions, we recommend you to get the Continuous Learning Pass which gives you access to all content for 6 months. You can find out the details of all passes here.

3. Is it true that one must own an email address in order to join this Summit?
Yes, because the login link is sent to your email inbox.


1. When will registration begin for the Summit?
Registration and ticket sales will begin on July 30.
2. How do I participate in this Summit?

We provide 4 options for you to participate in this Summit. All details can be found here.

3. What do I need to do in order to join the Summit as a group?

a. You can recruit 3 or 11 people to form a group.
b. You can then get the Ambassador Pass for your group of 4 or 12.
c. After paying, you are now registered and have access to everything under the Continuous Learning Pass.
d. Within 48 hours, you will be contacted by email with a coupon code specifically for your group. You can then share this coupon code with your 3 or 11 group members (and to let them know that they should keep the code to themselves since the code can only be applied up to 3 or 11 times); with the coupon code, they can get their own Continuous Learning Pass for free.
e. You will then arrange with your group members to pay you back.

4. Can I buy more than one pass with the same email address?

The Summit platform requires each attendee to supply his/her own email address during registration. If you would like to buy multiple passes, you are encouraged to join the Summit as a group of 4 or 12 so that you can take advantage of the discounted price offered through the Ambassador Pass. All details can be found here.

5. Can I buy a pass as a gift for someone?
Absolutely. You can get a pass for someone as long as you have his/her email address. (Since the system will only record the attendee’s email but not your email, you would have to inform the recipient yourself.)
6. Can I upgrade my pass?
It is possible to upgrade the free Basic Pass to another kind of pass. You just need to go to the tickets page to get the desired pass.
7. I have purchased a 12-people Ambassador Pass and I have received the coupon code. May I use the coupon code to register for my team members?

Yes, you as an Ambassador may register on behalf of your group members using the coupon code. It can be done by using the individual email addresses (with their full names) of your group to purchase a “Continuous Learning Pass” using the coupon code (no payment is required because it is already paid by Ambassador). But before the purchase of every pass, you must make sure that you are logged out (登出) of the Summit site, otherwise the system would not allow you to continue. If you see 3 horizontal dots on the top right-hand corner of the page, you are logged in. Click the 3-dots and select 登出 from the drop-down menu to log out. 登入 will now be displayed instead. Now go to https://followchrist.me website and click “REGISTER”. You may proceed to purchase a new “Continuous Learning Pass”. Follow the screen instructions and enter the coupon code when requested. You must repeat the same process (log out – register – purchase) for every group member (11 times in this case).